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Capture the Full Breadth and Scale of Operations

Constellation Core integrates data from wherever it lives. Acquisitions, mergers, and new technology have led to an explosion in data silos. Constellation connects data silos, enabling predictive analytics at scale.

Remove the Friction from Leveraging Data

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Build Smart Manufacturing Processes

Constellation Core integrates, links, and models data using cutting edge machine learning. Whether identifying mistakes in invoices or classifying order forms for priority, Constellation’s AI capabilities will automate processes for radical efficiency.

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Accelerate Research and Development

Enterprises contain treasure troves of intelligence stored in reports, presentations, patents, and other documents. Maximize the value of your shared drive by letting Constellation AI answer questions based on the information already available. Integrate external datasets to augment and further drive insight.

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Optimize Supply Chain Optimization

Manual work such as compiling sales forecasts or transcribing invoices increases costs and ties up human resources. Utilize Constellation Core to give analysts access to all enterprise intelligence in one place. Spend less time compiling information and more time generating insight.

Integrate Constellation Directly into Your Workflow

Constellation Core offers API and SQL based access, enabling integration into analytics tools, data lakes, and workflow tools. Constellation Core can process data from common data repositories such as SQL databases, Sharepoint, flat data extracts and more.

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