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Data Silos Create Inefficiency and Mistakes

When the right intelligence is not available when it's needed, your teams are prevented from finding critical insights. Increased pressure from regulators and high costs of manual processes present critical risks to enterprises that don’t invest in their data infrastructure. Constellation is utilized across insurance teams across P&C, Life Insurance, Reinsurance, Third-Party Claims processing companies, and more to make better, faster decisions.

Powering a More Intelligent Process

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Constellation can automate information extraction from a variety of document types, even if they differ in layout.

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Constellation gives users the ability to put “humans in the loop”, ensuring only the most accurate information enters downstream systems.

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Constellation provides data that can improve predictive analytics including fraud detection, trend analysis, and quote calculations.

Integrate Constellation Directly into Your Workflow

Constellation Core offers API and SQL based access, enabling integration into analytics tools, data lakes, and workflow tools. Constellation Core can process data from common data repositories such as SQL databases, Sharepoint, flat data extracts and more.

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