Constellation Core

Text Analysis Platform

What Does it Do?

Organizations struggle to maximize the value of all their data and documents. Constellation Core integrates, enriches and links data, regardless of source, into a single, coherent data asset representing people, places and things — and the relationships that connect them. Enterprises leverage Constellation Core to build predictive analytics, automate processes, classify documents, and much more.

Constellation Core is...


Extract Structured Data from Natural Language Text


SQL and Rest APIs for easy integration

Cloud First

Let us host it or host it yourself


Built in support for OCR, Table/Form Parsing, Geospatial, and more


Link internal & external without common identifiers


Federated Data Access, SSO, Encryption, and more

How Organizations are leveraging Constellation Core:

  • Tagging and Organizing Documents in Shared Drives

  • Prediction and alerting based on internal and external data

  • Calculating statistics & metrics on unstructured text such as News Articles

  • Detecting PII in internal datasets

  • Identifying errors in invoices and contracts

  • Linking internal and external datasets such as customer pricing lists

Product ABCSupplier Customer John Smith Acme Corp

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