Your team's ai powered search engine

Constellation is your team's fastest way to answer questions. Leverage intelligence trapped in documents and data silos.

Answer questions instantly, no matter where the knowledge lives

  • Point-and-click to integrate data and documents from all the systems you already use

  • Organize and enrich your information automatically, without manual work

  • Search and visualize concepts automatically extracted from your data

  • Use natural language questions to get answers

  • Governance controls provide the right knowledge at the right time

Constellation builds a knowledge graph out of your data and documents

No training necessary. Slack-like experience.


Integrate both structured & unstructured data. Upload presentations, spreadsheets, documents, scans and more.


Fast point & click setup. Lives in the cloud. Integrations not required.


Machine learned tags. Table and form extraction. Semantic Search.


Pricing and solutions that scale with your needs


Encryption in transit and at rest. Single Sign On via Active Directory, LDAP, SAML and more. Bring your own keys.

Powered by Cutting Edge Machine Learning

Constellation's proprietary technology scans, organizes, and enriches structured data and unstructured documents. Constellation extracts and indexes key information automatically, such as tables & forms, reducing manual effort.

Intelligence at the Center of Every Decision

Next-Gen Knowledge Management

Your team doesn’t care if the information is internal, external, or where it originated, and neither does Constellation. Empower everyone to seamlessly find what they need when they need it.

Digital Transformation You Can Actually Use

A drive of scanned PDFs is as unusable as an old file cabinet in the basement. Constellation transforms legacy information into value your team can act on.

Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

Create a Single Source of Truth to remove any doubt where analysts should find information. Make every decision data driven, even when the information spans teams and locations.

"Anyone in the organization that is not directly accountable for making a profit should be involved in creating and distributing knowledge the company can use to make a profit."

John Browne Former CEO of BP Oil

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