Turn PDFs emails websites contracts news articles Into Datasets

Constellation bridges the gap between documents and data.

What Does Constellation Do?


Effectively connect data from external and internal resources, without common identifiers. Connect shared drives to Data Lakes to unlock new data for analytics.


Teach Constellation to identify specific data within text, including keywords, entities, clauses, and more. Eliminate time consuming manual processes.


Build custom text classifiers for detecting document types, topics, sentiment, and more. Analyze your text data in seconds, not weeks!

Give your Data Team the Full Power of Natural Language Processing

Connect documents to your analytics stack.

  • Automatically structure and extract data from natural language text.

  • Connect PDFs and documents to visualization tools and data lakes.

  • Integrate internal and external data regardless of where it lives or what format it’s in.

  • Point-and-click to create intelligent automated workflows.

  • Tag, label, and organize documents stored in shared drives.

  • Run SQL queries on unstructured data sources like documents and news.

Product ABCSupplier Customer John Smith Acme Corp

Constellation is Ready to Learn

Teach Constellation to interact with your business’ specific documents, exactly the way you do. Constellation’s active learning AI learns to replicate how you label, extract, and link documents.


Purpose built UI for non NLP experts.


Go beyond simple OCR to easily extract text and data from virtually any document.


Fast point & click setup. Lives in the cloud or on premises. Integrations not required.


Machine learned tags. Table and form extraction. Active learning system adapts to expert feedback.


Pricing and solutions that scale with your needs.


Encryption in transit and at rest. Single Sign On via Active Directory, LDAP, SAML and more. Bring your own keys.

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