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        Production base


        Boya Xinyi Technology
        BY-01 Antibacterial preservative

        ⅠProperty and Applicability:  
           Isothiazolone compound is main active principle of BY-01 antibacterial preservative which suppresses microorganisms, bacterium, mold and yeast. It is water medicinal preparation, widely applied in detergent, tableware cleansing agent, wet paper goods, bath soap, shampoo, milk fluid and home used detergent.
        ⅡTechnical index :

        Appearance: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Content: ≥1.5%
        PH: 2—5 Cl: 2.6---3.6:1
        Density: (20℃, g/cm3)1.16-1.20    

        ⅢUsage and dosage :
           Adding 20-100mg/L for every 3-7 days in the recirculated cooling water. 150-300mg/L for slime stripping, maintaining 72-96 hours after 24-48 hours. 0.2-0.3% daily chemical in ordinary day. 0.3-0.5% for cosmetics. 0.5-1.0% for washing. Adding 0.5 to 1.67kg isothi into each ton product, 0.5-3.3kg for polymer emulsion.
        ⅣPacking and storage:
            Packing:Plasic drum, 25kg/drum  250kg/drum 
            Storage:Put in normal temperature ventilated place, avoiding light, may not contact with metal.